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1. What Is Traffic Exchange?

2. What Are Minutes?

3. What are Hits?

4. How do I get minutes?

5. What is the BigHits4U Viewer?

6. How to Mute Bighits4U Viewer Browser  ?

7. Can I run multiple BigHits4U Viewers?

8. How do I check if the hits are delivered to my website?

9. Just Refer People and Earn Money

10. What are Website Slots?

11. How many hits do I get per minute?

12. What is the Visitor Duration?

13. How much website traffic can BigHits4U deliver?

14. What is the Traffic Exchange Ratio?

15. What is the Traffic Source feature?

16. How Important is Alexa Ranking? : BIGHITS4U


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What Is Traffic Exchange?

You can receive hits to your website as long as you have available minutes. Minutes can be earned by participating in the traffic exchange through the BigHits4U Viewer. In case you don't want to take part in the traffic exchange it's also possible to purchase minutes and your website can still be displayed to visitors from all over the world.

If you don't have a website or simply wish to earn money you can do that by referring  new members to BigHits4U.

What Are Minutes?

Let's say you have 1,000 minutes in your account. Minutes are normally earned by watching other members' websites through the automatic Traffic Exchange system. Read more about it here.

The minutes are used to deliver visitors to your websites. When submitting your website into, you can choose how long you want the visitors to stay on the website: between 10 and 60 seconds.

Let's also assume that you have submitted one website under My Websites, and the visit duration has been set to 30 seconds, which is 0.5 minutes. This is the amount of minutes that every hit will cost you.

Therefore, 1,000 minutes on your account will give you: 1,000 minutes / 0.5 minutes = 2,000 hits in total. If the visit duration is set to 60 seconds, you would receive: 1,000 minutes / 1 minute = 1,000 hits in total.


What Are Hits?

Hits are the number of times your website was viewed through the Traffic exchange. It displays the amount of visitors that was sent to your website in exchange of minutes. You can also track them on your website with Google Analytics or similar.
Hits are coming from all over the world from a variety of most popular browsers. You have full control over the hits with settings such as visitor duration or traffic source.
You can have the overview of your received hits on the graph on the Account page.

How Do I Earn Minutes?

You earn minutes in 2 ways:

  • Through the Traffic Exchange
  • From your referrals

Earning minutes through the Traffic Exchange

When you visit the Traffic Exchange page you can download the BigHits4U Viewers application. After launching it you can click on the Start button. Your browser will automatically start showing you websites from other members. Thousands of members are running this automatic system as you are reading this article, viewing each others' websites.

If you are a Regular member and keep the Traffic Exchange running for 100 minutes, you will earn back 70% of the time – 70 minutes. The minutes are added to your balance, visible on the Overview page.

Whenever you have unused minutes in your balance, they will automatically be used to show your websites (that you have submitted under My Websites) to thousands of other members running the Traffic Exchange.

Earning minutes from your referrals

When your referral earns 70 minutes from the Traffic Exchange, you will earn up to 30% of that amount. The percentage you earn depends on your account type.

In the given example, you will earn 70 minutes x 30% = 21 minutes from your referral. The Minutes are immediately added to your account's balance.

You can see the earnings statistics from your referrals on the Referrals page.

What is the BigHits4U Viewer?

BigHits4U Viewer application is designed to earn minutes through the Traffic exchange and it is able to do so without freezing, interruptions or requiring any extra attention.

You can download the application by clicking Download on the Traffic exchange page. After finishing the installation, a shortcut should appear on the desktop from where you can launch the BigHits4U Viewer.

Supported Operating System

Install .NET Framework 4.5.1 and Visual c++ runtime (x86) ‏: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

System Requirements

A 2GHz processor (with at least 2 cores), 1GB of RAM, 1 Mbps internet speed 

Just Refer People and Earn Money's affiliate program is a great way to earn extra money! You will starting earning up to 40% cash commission on every sale and also up to 30% commission on minutes (website traffic exchange) your referral earns depend upon your account.

Every member has a unique referral link. For example, if your username is default, your referral link will be: You can view your unique referral link on the Referrals page.

When you give this link to somebody and they open it, they are redirected to BigHits4U.COM. After registration, that person will become your referral.

What are Website Slots?

Website Slots are the spaces available for URLs at My websites. There are 3 main reasons to use more than one slot:

  • When you have more than one URL that you wish to submit to the Traffic exchange.
  • When you wish to receive hits faster to your websites.
  • When you wish to use different traffic sources for your websites.

With the last two you can also use the help of Clone button next to your website to quickly add it into multiple slots.

BIGHITS4U is a Traffic Exchange Network,which automatically delivers free traffic to your website.