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Easy & quick way to get Geo targeted traffic to your website. Increase your rankings using the best traffic exchange service. Surf Application OS : Windows and Linux
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What is a traffic exchange ?

A traffic exchange is a service where participants can exchange web traffic with other webmasters or website owners. A quick registration and Instant validation of your websites. we have large volume of sites on our exchange database, and for convenience, they are viewed in an automated way. Each participant visits the websites of other members through a browser and receives hits in return the same way and alternately buy a traffic package from us at very competitive price. That's all you need to do to increase your website traffic.

How the exchange works?

Setup Your Account

Signup an free account and add your websites to which visitors to be delivered

Earn or Buy Minutes

Download Viewer app and start earning minutes, or just buy traffic package.

Quick Visitors delivered

That's it, now just wait for visitors to come at your websites from traffic exchange.
You can fully configure and control the traffic that you will receive with listed features

Visit Duration

Make Visitors stay as long or short as you like, or pick a desire range between 15 to 360 secs.

Traffic Source

Receive traffic from anywhere. From a website of your choice, specific keywords or have visitors enter your site directly. It's also possible to gain visitors from Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Mobile/Destop Traffic

Bighits4U delivers hits from a variety of most popular web browsers. Our traffic includes both desktop and mobile devices.

Traffic limits

You can set the hourly limit or total limit to have full control over your website traffic.


You can choose and receive high quality geo targeted traffic from your desire countries.

Lower Bounce Rates

You will receive traffic visible to any web analytics service with a significantly lowered bounce rate. This will also help Google Analytics and similar to calculate the Visit Duration metric more accurately.

Dedicated Software

You can run multi-instances of Viewer Application (Windows and Linux Versions) on many computers with different IP addresses.

24x7 Customer Support

You can contact our customer care support 24x7 for any assistance.