What is a traffic exchange?

A traffic exchange is a service where participants can exchange web traffic with other webmasters or website owners from across the globe.

A quick free registration and Instant validation of your websites. we have large volume of sites on our exchange database, and for convenience, they are viewed in an automated way.

Each participant visits the websites of other members through a browser and receives hits in return the same way. That's all you need to do to increase your website traffic. In short, a traffic exchange is a simple, cost-effective way to gain results trackable in a web analytics tool like Google Analytics, Alexa and Similarweb.

we offer special features listed below in features overview section to our monthly paid subscribe members and also offer credits for purchase at very competative market rate. Our traffic exchange programs encourage users to build their own referral networks, which in turn increases their referrers' number which inturn earn traffic minutes/points commission and cash commission.

How does it works ?

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A traffic exchange is an online service platform where Web owners or webmasters can promote their website pages by visiting each other's websites to build their traffic.
After acceptance of your website by exchange system , you'll be requested to visit the websites of other Webmasters. On visiting these websites, you will build their traffic. This in turn will make your website visible for other Webmasters to visit. our automated system presents a participant with a new collection of websites to visit for building traffic. Webmasters will receive credits when they view the websites run by fellow Webmasters. After the credits are earned, they are credited to the web owners account. These credits are used to deliver traffic to the Web owners websites.

Importance of traffic exchange

Importance of traffic exchange - Infographic 2

While there are many options for a Webmaster to promote their website, the traffic exchange platform is one of the best services for this purpose.
While a Webmaster can promote their website through other forms of digital marketing, there is never a guarantee that the website will be visited. On the other hand these traffic exchanges are particularly great for niche websites, professional blogs, online stores and business websites . With the multitude of content created on a daily basis, gaining initial traffic is crucial for establishing itself within a particular niche or industry.

Features Overview

You can fully configure and control the traffic that you will receive with listed features.

Geotargeting Infographic 1


Geo targeted traffic from your desire countries across the globe. The list of countries to choose from is based on the availability of traffic from them.

Accept Language Infographic 4

Accept Language

Receive traffic from your own desire local language such as japanese, korean, spanish, italian, french, germany corresponding with your geo location.

Lower Bounce Ratese Infographic 5

Lower Bounce Rates

You will receive traffic visible to any web analytics service with a significantly lowered bounce rate. This will also help Google Analytics to calculate the Visit Duration metric more accurately.

Traffic Source Infographic 6

Traffic Source

Receive traffic from anywhere. From a website of your choice, specific keywords or have visitors enter your site directly. It's also possible to gain visitors from Google, Facebook, Twitter.



An organic keyword is a keyword used to attract free traffic through seo. Pick & entire what keywords you want to rank for website traffic so that keyword will appear on your Analytics dashboard.

Mobile/Destop Traffic Infographic 8

Mobile/Destop Traffic

Our Traffic Exchange delivers hits from a variety of most popular web browsers such chrome, firefox, microsoft edge, opera etc. Our traffic includes both desktop and mobile devices.

Visit Duration Infographic 9

Visit Duration

You can extended page visits per session dependent upon your site requirement or Make Visitors stay as long or short duration as you like, or pick a desire range between 15 to 300 secs.

Daily Hits Limit Infographic 10

Daily Hits Limit

It will activate daily hits limit which allow you to control number of daily unique visitors to your website page and you can set a desire range between 5 to 5000 hits per day.

Scrolling on Page Infographic 11

Scrolling on Page

It will activate scrolling on your page & it can be track on GA4 which allows you to measure how website users engage with your content and It can also helps to reduce high bounce rate.

Dedicated Software Infographic 12

Dedicated Software

You can run multi-instances of Bighits4u Viewer Application which is design to earn minutes or point (Windows and Linux Versions) on many computers with different IP addresses.

24x7 Customer Support Infographic 13

24x7 Customer Support

You can contact our customer care support 24x7 for any assistance and our sales team, billing team and technical support team will answer all your question regarding our traffic exchange.

Scalable Results Infographic 14

Scalable Results

Our traffic exchange generates billions of hits every month. so by clicking boost hits button, you can set desire number of hits required for site url per day and we consistently deliver it !

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