How do I get Minutes?

You can get Minutes in 3 ways:

Earning free traffic

When you visit the Earn Traffic page you can download the BigHits4U Viewers application. After launching it you can click on the Start button. Your browser will automatically start showing you websites from other members. Thousands of members are running this automatic system as you are reading this article, viewing each others' websites.

If you are a Regular member and keep the Traffic Exchange running for 100 minutes, you will earn back 70% of the time – 70 minutes. The minutes are added to your balance, visible on the Overview page.

Whenever you have unused minutes in your balance, they will automatically be used to show your websites (that you have submitted under My Websites) to thousands of other members running the Traffic Exchange.

You can run more than one BigHits4U Viewer. Keep in mind that each Viewer must have a different IP address. By doing so, you can multiply your earnings.

Earning minutes from your referrals

When your referral earns 70 minutes from the Traffic Exchange, you will earn up to 30% of that amount. The percentage you earn depends on your account type. In the given example, you will earn 70 minutes x 30% = 21 minutes from your referral. The Minutes are immediately added to your account's balance.

You can see statistics about your referrals on the Referrals page.